Our advantages:

  • Registration exactly on term
    We do know how it us important to get the pharmaceutical license on time, because the financial state of a company often depends on it. It is also concerned to individuals involved into the registration process, for example, if a person needs to have enough time to take part in a tender.

  • Reports in real time
    We do know how it is meaningful to have the information about all the cases at any moment and report it to a responsible person or administration, for instance, if a client demands urgent information about the state of the case before the meeting.

  • Always in contact
    We know how it is important to be in contact all the time to solve all the questions and get a professional consultation, especially in non-working time, for example, if a client lost samples at the customs.

  • We make you free from routine
    We know how it is necessary to pass all the difficult work to a responsible person.

Our strong points

  • Contact with clinics
  • Correspondence to the standards of ISO 9001
  • Standardized document flow
  • Independent guarantee with standard samples USP RS, EP CRS
  • Samples delivery
  • State fees pay
  • Previous examination according to authorial technology “OneDay”
  • The director has a great experience in registration of more than 100 formulations
  • The staff consists only of experts

How do we manage with it

  • Because of our great experience in clinical analysis we have lots of contacts with a big number of clinics in Moscow and Russia. It helps us to get the result as quickly as it is possible.
  • We’ve standardized the process of our work that gives us an opportunity to prepare and assure documents in a short time. It helps us in an exact preparing of documents and giving a quick reaction to Ministry of Health remarks.
  • We buy samples from officinal centers. We shorten the delivery time save our clients’ money.
  • According to our clients’ demands, we deliver the formulations to clinics for examination. It helps to avoid problems with transportation companies and customs. We order samples in time not to waste the time.
  • We give the clients an opportunity to avoid the process of paying fees and reduce the number of payments joining them in one.
  • We have an experience in pharmaceutical trade since 2007.


What is the authorial expertise technology OneDay

  • Legal expertise that is made by jurists specializing in pharmaceutical sphere
  • Expertise of medicine's quality by specialists
  • Expertise of medicine's effectiveness and safety
  • Expertise of regulatory interaction with state parties by a special person

Doubts in our competence?

  • 1 Doubts in our competence?
    The simplest way to assure in it is to call us.
  • 2 What proves the cost?
    We are the only company that guarantees the terms and takes responsibility for it.
  • 3 3. Afraid of being deceived
    We work honestly and provide with all the necessary documents. We invite you to our office for a personal meeting.
  • 4 4. Afraid of not being on time?
    We’ll return you 20% of the bargain cost if we aren’t on time and, of course, we’ll lead the work to the end