Лицензия на произ-во/ Production license 

The process of getting a license is organized according to the federal law №61.
To expand the production by introducing of new formulations it's necessary to get a new license.

New certificate replaces the old one and includes new terms and new list of medicines. According to client's application in a writing form, the certificating department makes a decision about stopping the functions of the old license.

In 2015 Ministry of Industrial Trade examined 144 pharmaceutical factories to assure if they are correspondent to the Russian GMP standard and certificated 98 ones.

Pharmaceutical production certification according to thr Russian GMP standards

All pharmaceutical production of finished formulations or substances must accord to GMP rules. Also the system of quality management of factories is functioning now.

Farmalfa's main aim is to help our partners to pass the certificating exam successfully.

It gives new opportunities to develop companies' export.
Russian GMP certificate is acceptable in EurAzEC and is the best way to expand business in foreign countries.